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Vostok Bank has started the usage of Android Verifone X990 terminals

Thanks to the existing certification of Verifone Android X990 payment terminals in the UPC processing center and the efforts of Vostok bank and our company specialists, the bank's clients will be able to use the latest innovative POS terminals in the retail network to accept cashless payments.

"Payment software not only allows you to use the POS terminal to receive payments, but also due to the existing integration on the terminal it is possible to organize a full-fledged place for the cashier with sales management system, software based fiscal solution, loyalty system and much more. The hardware features of the terminal also provide the ability to read barcodes and QR codes, print fiscal checks and receipts, obtain a digital signature of the client on the touch screen, and all this in one universal device", - said Alexander Frolov, company's project manager.

The Verifone X990 terminal is becoming an increasingly popular device for universal use due to the gradual expansion not only of banks from which merchants can receive non-cash payments, but also a number of partner software solutions such as PRRO, which will help entrepreneurs run all aspects of their business. 



BANK VOSTOK Public Joint Stock Company is a universal bank that provides a full range of banking services for private and corporate clients. The Bank is a member of the Individual Deposit Guarantee Fund. The main advantages of the bank are mobility and flexibility.


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