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Verifone X990 is certified by the Ukrainian Processing Center

     The banking customers of the Ukrainian Processing Center (UPC) have received the opportunity to use the latest POS terminals Verifone X990 with Android operating system with payment software from Servus Systems Integration.

     Servus Systems Integration specialists successfully certified SmartPOS_EMV software for Verifone X990 terminals and received a certificate of conformity from the Ukrainian Processing Center, which is used by a number of Ukrainian and foreign banks. The corresponding software can be used both for installation in a banking institution as a financial terminal and in retail as a retail terminal.

      "A significant number of Ukrainian banks can use the latest line of Verifone X990 terminals running the Android operating system not only for acquiring services, but also to create an entire ecosystem with additional functionality for retailers, which will open a completely new way of interacting in cashless payments", - said Alexander Pranov, CEO of the company.

    X990 terminals in combination with the TMS terminal management system provide a wide range of integration with a number of additional software, including but not limited to the latest software based fiscal ECR, sales management systems, loyalty etc. Presence of modern hardware components enable POS terminals to read bar codes and QR codes, recognize faces, receive contactless data from Ukrainian ID cards and foreign passports, determine their geo-positioning, which provides unlimited prospects for implementation of innovative FinTech projects.

      We invite banks, manufacturers of additional software (ECR, sales management systems, loyalty systems etc.) and retailers to cooperate in the implementation of the modern projects of customer service and non-cash payments.

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