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New opportunities for mobile employees with an application from the ANT-Logistics cloud service   (TM "Ant Logistics") on Verifone X990 terminals

   The integration of the Ant Logistics mobile application with the Verifone X990 PIC terminal, performed by ANT-Logistics and SSI specialists, allows to organize and control the work of couriers, freight forwarders, drivers, merchandisers, sales representatives and other mobile employees, as well as allows them to use functions of receiving non-cash payments.

   POS terminal Verifone X990 is a modern innovative POS terminal running on Android. This POS terminal is used by mobile employees to receive non-cash payments, works as a barcode reader and QR-code thanks to built-in cameras. In addition, Verifone X990 can read information from Ukrainian ID-cards and biometric passports - a useful feature in the delivery of, for example, alcoholic beverages.  

   The mobile application, which now fully runs on Verifone X990, significantly expands the capabilities of this POS terminal, displaying a list of address delivery points, the order of their visit, delivery times and numbers, a list of goods delivered for each order, as well as a list of tasks required. perform at the point of delivery, including photo reports, customer rating and his electronic signature. To facilitate the route in the application displays a travel map, photos of outlets, navigator, available chat with the manager. Thanks to GPS-trackers, which are equipped with Verifone X990 terminals, the actual route of the route, the time of arrival of each client, as well as other stops and exits from, as well as other stops and exits from routes, including unscheduled, are recorded.


About ANT-Logistics : ANT-Logistics is a cloud management system for transport and mobile workers. This system has been on the market for more than 8 years, about 700 customer accounts from 11 countries are connected to the service, while most customers are Ukrainian companies. 44% of customers are distributors, 31% - online stores and 25% of customers in the service sector are other industries: banking, manufacturing, water delivery and others.

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