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Integrated Qmate payment solutions for self-service car washes

The automated payment system for self-service car wash services for cars in Irshava, Zakarpattia region, was successfully implemented by the efforts of our company's specialists.

The system integrates with versatile professional equipment and allows you to pay for these services in cash, by bank card / payment device and to top up your customer card, which can also be obtained instantly via the built-in kiosk for payment and replenishment of existing customer cards. The customer card can be replenished, and this card can be used to pay at every car wash or receive additional discounts when purchasing equipment.

One of the most important achievements of the system is the ability not only to reduce the number of payment points for one to a self-service car wash, which provides significant investment savings for the owner, but also to allow the customer to instantly pay directly at the post due to contactless card interface connected to the central server of the system.

"We are very pleased our company implemented an automated payment system according to the local needs of Ukrainian owners of self-service car washes", - said Dmytro Nikitchenko, head of the company innovation department.

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