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The list of banks that can use the Verifone X990  POS terminal through the Ukrainian Processing Center has been expanded

Verifone X990 POS terminals based on the Android operating system with payment software from Servus Systems Integration can already be connected to Vostok Bank, Raiffeisenbank Aval and Pivdenny Bank, which are serviced by the Ukrainian Processing Center (UPC).

The company's specialists have successfully carried out the necessary technical and organizational work to set up and connect Verifone X990 terminals with SmartPOS_EMV software to these banks. The relevant software can be used by bank customers in retail both as a POS terminal and in an integrated form with set of sofware based fiscalization solutions (pRRO).

"Newest Verifone X990 terminals running the Android operating system is gradually increasing not only the number of banks to which these terminals can be connected and acquiring the acquiring service, but also expands their functionality by providing integrated solutions from leading companies - developers of trade management systems and pRRO, which will allow commercial enterprises to simultaneously manage their business and accept non-cash payments on one physical device", said Alexander Pranov, CEO of the company.

Currently, the following integrated pRRO solutions are already used by retailers on Verifone X990 terminals, and this list is growing every week:

We invite banks, manufacturers of additional software (PRRO, sales management systems, loyalty systems etc.), as well as retailers to cooperate in the implementation of the latest customer service projects and ensure the receipt of non-cash means of payment.

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